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Proper water chemistry is vitally important for your swimming pool or hot tub.  We offer computerized water analysis to perfectly balance your pool or spa water ensuring that your swimming experience is comfortable and your pool/spa equipment is protected. We have selected the highest quality swimming pool and spa chemicals from poolife™, Baquacil™, GLB™, Leisure Time™, Baqua Spa™, E Z Pool™, Natural Chemistry™ and others to help you maintain your pool.

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4 Earns 10%


Bring us a sample of  your pool or spa water and receive a free computerized water analysis.  Every 4th analysis will earn a 10% discount on your same-day purchase of swimming pool or spa chemicals.  


Call for details or visit us today! 

Our Pool & Spa Care Product Offerings


Swimming Pool Sanitizers


  • Chlorine Tablets & Shock
  • Quick Swim Shock
  • Cal-Hypo Chlorine Tablets
  • Multi-function Chlorine Tablets
  • Salt for salt water pools

Non-Chlorine Systems


  • Baquacil Pool Sanitizer
  • Baquacil Pool Shock
  • Baquacil Algaecides
  • Baquacil Maintenance Products

Spa Sanitizers


  • Bromine Tablets & Shock
  • Quick Swim Shock
  • Granulated bromine
  • Granulated chlorine

Non-Chlorine Systems


  • BaquaSpa Sanitizer
  • BaquaSpa Shock
  • Baquacil Clarifier
  • Baquacil Maintenance Products

Algae Preventatives


  • Algaecides for all green, mustard and black algae
  • Severe algae treatments
  • Maintenance algaecides
  • Salt water pool algaecides

Pool Maintenance Equipment


  • Dolphin Robotic Cleaners
  • Pool Brushes & Vacuums
  • Skimmer & Leaf Nets
  • Pool equipment parts
  • Replacement Filter Cartidges

Spa Water Balancers


  • pH Increasers & Decreasers

  • Total Alkalinity Increasers

  • Calcium Increasers

  • Multi-function balancers

Spa Maintenance Equipment


  • Water line cleaners
  • Spa Brushes & vacuums
  • Replacement filter cartridges
  • Spa equipment parts

Pool Water Balancers


  • pH Increasers & Decreasers
  • Total Alkalinity Increasers
  • Calcium Increasers
  • Chlorine Stabilizers
  • Multi-function balancers



  • Swiming pool toys
  • Swimming pool furniture
  • Swimming pool umbrellas
  • Pool water clarifiers & enzymes
  • Pool thermometers 

Water Enhancers


  • Foam decreasers
  • Enzyme cleaners for body oils
  • Water line cleaners
  • Test Strips 

Baquacil Mail-In Rebate


Baquacil System: Whether you are a new pool owner or a seasoned veteran, you will appreciate how effortless and effective this system is at providing clear and clean water. After all, the benefits of the Baquacil Pool Care System are practically infinite. It starts with the chlorine-free formulation that's less irritating to eyes and skin than chlorinating products, and it's less harsh on swimsuits and pool liners. What's more, the CDX® system keeps water clear, silky and soft, and most of all, it's easy to begin and maintain.


Purchase the Baquacil Pool Care System products and receive a mail-in ebate of up to $40.

poolife Mail-In Rebate


MPT Extra Tablet System:  These unique MPT Extra™ 3" chlorinating tablets were developed using all-in-one technology to sanitize, prevent algae, control staining and scaling and clarify and soften pool water. These proprietary tablets are sun protected for extended chlorine life and can be used in floaters, feeders or skimmers.


NST Tablet System:  NST® is an alternative to 3" tablets and does not contain cyanuric acid. Perfect for use in a skimmer, this product will destroy bacteria and organic contaminants without over-stabilizing your pool water or adding additional cyanuric acid to your water. Each long-lasting tablet will continuously sanitize your pool in the skimmer for up to one week! This product is an innovative, propritory technology that provides long-lasting, slow-dissolving chlorination sanitization level.


Purchase an MPT or NST poolife system and receive a mail-in rebate of up to $25.  

System includes chlorine tablets, algaecide & shock

Our Featured Pool & Spa Chemical Brands

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